We protect your business and your brand

You’ve worked really hard to build it. Now it’s time to protect it.

Are you facing one of these issues?

Each business and brand is at a different stage and has different needs. We’ve been there and done that. Our focus is providing legal solutions to fit your particular needs and situation. Wherever you are in the process, it’s time to get protected.

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    Have an idea and don’t know where to start?
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    Is someone infringing on your I.P.?
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    Been given a contract and need it reviewed & explained to you?
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    Created something and need to protect it?
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    Received a cease and desist letter?
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    Ready to license your brand or product?
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    Want to file a trademark application?
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    Filed a trademark and were refused?
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    Want to start a podcast and don’t know what to do?

Legal solutions to fit your needs

Every business needs something slightly different. Here are some of the services we perform for clients. Don’t see what you need? Then reach out and ask.


Trademarks & Copyrights

File, enforce and docket trademarks and copyrights

Business Counseling

Walking through product and brand development to launch


Drafting, reviewing and explaining contracts and how they affect your business

Licensing Deals

Strategizing to get you the best licensing deal and making sure you don’t lose your I.P.

Legal Strategies

Legal & business strategies to keep you compliant and protected

Outside Legal

Manage outside legal services and projects

How it works

You should be focusing on the success of your business. Let us help you figure out what needs to get done, and then let us do it for you. You’d be surprised how simple and affordable it is to protect yourself and minimize legal headaches now and in the future.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!


1. Evaluate

Let’s evaluate your goals and what’s going on

2. Plan

We create a plan of action

3. Action

Make things happen

Meet Stephanie...

My goal is to help business and brand owners like you create, protect and grow successful programs using common sense legal and business strategies.

Before becoming an attorney, I worked in the toy industry on the business side and was involved in product creation and protection, licensing, sales, marketing, manufacturing, logistics and more. I’ve walked in your shoes as the business and brand owner so I understand what you’re going through and am here to help.

Please contact me today to find out how we can work together and help you succeed.

We're here to help!

We’re here to help you launch your product, get your contract signed, help you close the deal, protect what’s yours. Our goal is to help you identify what it takes to achieve your goals and then help you achieve them.

It’s all about you, the client.

Here are some informational articles. Enjoy!

Do you have a question?

We’re here and ready to help! Simply contact us and we can discuss the next steps.