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— A business arrangement in which one company gives another company permission to commercialize its intellectual property for a specified payment or royalty.

Licensing Concept.

Did you know that you can expand your brand by finding companies to license it on products and services? So if someone likes your name or content or message, they can pay you to use it.

Licensing involves a specialized contract that reflects the deal you make with other companies, and it is essential to make sure the terms protect your interests. Like other contracts, it is important to know what’s in your licensing agreement. There is no such thing as a standard contract, and one size does not fit all. The real question is ‘how do the terms affect you?’

Stephanie has extensive experience with Licensing and understands the impact it can have on your business from both the business and legal sides.

We’ve got you covered with Licensing Contracts.

  • We REVIEW your contracts to make sure your concerns are being addressed.
  • We DRAFT contracts with you in mind.
  • We NEGOTIATE your deal points too.

Look before you leap™.  Know what you’re signing before you sign it.