Is Your Brand Ready For Licensing? Licensing Expo 2019 Las Vegas

You put a lot of time, money and effort into creating and establishing your brand. Why not make sure you’re setting yourself up for success? This seminar will help you identify what is protectable about your brand, how to make sure you own your brand and other things you can do to get your brand ready for potential licensing deals and even crowdfunding activities.

This seminar is for anyone who has created or represents a brand and wants to license it; anyone who is already licensing a brand and wants to find out more about making sure it’s protected; and any licensees who want to understand what basic things a brand should ideally have in place before entering into a licensing deal.

Come and learn some practical and actionable steps you can take to help get your brand ready for licensing.

Type: Licensing U

Track: Basics, Beginner, Licensor, Marketing