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Stephanie Pottick, Esq. is licensed to practice law in California and New York, however she can help anyone from any state, country or territory with federal Trademark and Copyright needs.  Her legal practice focuses on contract negotiation, drafting and review, as well as using Trademarks and Copyrights to help protect brands and businesses.

Stephanie works with companies and individuals on a daily basis and helps protect them by negotiating deals, implementing appropriate contracts and assisting with brand strategies, including filing federal Trademark and Copyright applications and evaluating licensing deals for continued growth and protection.

Her goal is to help clients anticipate as many issues as possible up front, and her registered trademarked slogan is:

“Legal Advice Before You Need A Lawyer.®


Now here is something interesting….

Before becoming an attorney, Stephanie worked in the children’s toy industry and has extensive business experience in the following areas:

• Licensing • Intellectual Property • Product Safety and Liability 

• Marketing • Product Ideation • Manufacturing • Logistics • Merchandising • Sales

Stephanie’s business background allows her to understand things not only from the legal perspective, but from the business person’s perspective, which she has found to be an invaluable skill when counseling clients.  It also allows her to understand the practical aspects of getting things done in an efficient and reasonable manner.

A “Look Before You Leap®” approach to legal services is provided to help minimize client risk and exposure.

Stephanie is passionate about helping clients achieve their goals.